Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Unique touches for your day...

Why not add some personal and unique touches, making your day as memorable for your guests as it is for you...

• Personalise your ceremony by writing your own vows or asking a friend to read a meaningful poem or passage at the service.
• For any out of town guests, budget permitting, prepare a gift basket or gift bag with goodies that they can enjoy in their hotel room. You can deliver the gift bags to the front desk at the hotel ahead of their arrival or present it to them the first time you see them
• Have a screen at the front of the reception dance floor (where the dj stand is) and have a slide show of pictures of you as a couple and with friends and family at the evening reception
• Ask your married guests to bring a photo of themselves from their own wedding day, and pin all the photos on a special board at the reception.
• Create your own cocktail! Use this as a welcome drink or the toast

• Book a calligrapher to write out some well-known romantic poems and/or love and marriage quotes then frame these and put them in the middle of your tables, surrounded by tea lights
• Venue permitting, ask for a small room to be set aside for you and your partner – perhaps with champagne and chocolates on standby – and arrange a time to meet your other half there alone. This gives you some precious moments to savour your wedding day together without being interrupted
• If time and budget permits, send a photo from the wedding of the guests with their thank you card
• Instead of tossing the bouquet, present it to the mother of the bride or groom or someone special
• If you have a close friend or family member who has passed away, make him or her part of the occasion by inserting a small photo in your bouquet, or lighting a Memorial Candle at the church ceremony

• Do something for the guests. Make a video of you and your fiancé talking about the people who are special to you. Mention friends who have shown real loyalty, love, or family members who made great sacrifices for you. Intersperse your video with their photos. This is your chance to say thank you to all of them.
• Put a basket in the toilets at the wedding venue containing things such as plasters, deodorant, mints/chewing gum, hand cream, rennies, needle and thread –all the little emergency things that guests will really appreciate!
• If you’re having children at the wedding, have a ‘kiddie’s corner’ or ‘kiddie’s table’ and put some Colouring and Activity Fun Bags, bubbles etc for them to play with to save them getting bored. You could create personalised colouring books (lots of templates on the internet available for these) and incorporate the table with your colour scheme/theme

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