Wednesday, 15 June 2011

1950's Retro Inspiration...

Here are some mood boards that I put together for a couple recently and I absolutely loved it! The couple are aiming for a retro/1950’s feel with bright, vibrant colours.

What a fab theme! The couple also wanted a DIY element for their wedding – some ideas below the moodboards...

Bunting – easy enough to make yourself, just takes time and patience! Find some material of your choice (I found it cheaper to buy a single patchwork quilt cover rather than lots of separate bits of material) think polka dots, stripes etc. Cut out a triangle template from cardboard and use this to cut out the triangles (double sided) using pinking shears. Either sow or glue these to ribbon an inch apart – voila!
• Paper chains – buy lots of bright paper – an easy, budget friendly DIY project. Or you can purchase the ready cut paper 
• For a cheap but effective decoration use lots of tissue paper for a fringe wall (such as the one on the sweetie bar pic on the moodboard) Tissue paper is cheap enough and it doesn’t take that much at all to do a lot. .
• Make party poppers by cutting paper towel rolls into thirds, filling them with confetti + taffy and wrapping them up in paper. Super easy and super cute! Plus they really pop
• Create your own place name holders etc and add a 50’s feel with these Cath Kidston Labels and Stickers (Cath Kidston Stationery)
• The record/vinyl style invitations have a great 50’s/retro feel – these can be quite pricey to buy (about £2 per invite) but are easy enough to create yourself.
      o Cut out a circle from some glossy black card in the required size
      o  Type the required text (example attached on separate page) and print this out onto cardstock – 
          maybe stick to white and decorate the card once its printed or add some graphics on before printing
      o  Use double sided tape or carefully apply craft glue and secure the smaller circle onto the centre of the
      o  This may take a few trial runs but practice makes perfect!

• Home baked cookies in retro shapes. Choose an icing colour to match your scheme and wrap in cellophane, then tie with pretty bows.
• Sticks of rock with personalised labels
• Mini gumball machines with DIY handmade labels
• Boxed cupcake with a retro cupcase
• Personalised lemonade mix
Cupcake lipgloss

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