Sunday, 5 June 2011

DIY Buttonholes

.....can save lots of money out of your wedding budget! Either go for fresh flowers or artificial flowers. There are so many realistic looking silk/artificial flowers around now and the bonus of these is that you can sell them after your wedding!

You will need:
  •  Trim the flower and fern/greenery as required (greenery should be about 1/3 longer than the flower).
  • Take a length of florist's wire, stick one end in the fleshy part of the flower just beneath the flower, and bind the greenery to the flower by winding the wire in a diagonal criss-cross pattern down the stem and back up again.
  • Now take a piece of tape and bind the stem down and up again to cover the wire (the tape should be stretched while you do this so it sticks to itself automatically).
  • Open out the flower if it needs it, and there you are. Make sure you have an adequate supply of large pins!
  • Give yourself plenty of time and get some spare supplies for practising
  • If using fresh flowers, be careful to use ones that will last the day & keep them in the fridge to keep fresh before use
Click here for some video guidance
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