Monday, 20 June 2011

Guest Book Alternatives

There are many ways to keep messages from friends and family other than the traditional guestbook – here are some ideas below:

o Ask guests to write their message, advice or inspiration and post it through a sealed decorated box or wishing well – the box could easily be made by you and personalised to your colour scheme and theme...why not leave this for a year unopened and you can then spend your first anniversary sipping champagne and reading all the special messages!

o Guests can pin notes to a ‘wish tree’ this can also make a great focal point! Again, this can be done using a bit of imagination and DIY! The Wedding Chicks have a fantastic Wish Tree template download here.

o Video booth – guests can leave a video message for you to watch over and over!

o Polaroid camera –guests can take their picture and put it with their message or write a message on the back of the picture. These can be ‘pegged’ along a line which will make a fantastic feature at the wedding, not to mention looking great in the pictures

o Pebbles - pebbles are written on by the guests and then kept for years by the couple. They can be stored in a glass vase, or immersed in water.

o Wooden jigsaw puzzles that your guests can sign. Each guest has one piece of the puzzle to sign each and it’s your job as the couple to then put the whole thing together.

o Why not try and double up your guests place names with your guest book idea, by getting them to write a message on the reverse of their place name? you get to keep each place name in a lovely memory box. A great budget and DIY idea too!

o A suitcase; perfect for vintage weddings, or travel themed wedding. Guests are given a postcard to write on and then left to pop it in the suitcase. Looks great for any wedding and make a real feature out of the guest book.

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