Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Next DIY Project!!

Ok, so no doubt the bank holiday will be the traditional rain as we usually get here! Well a good time to get stuck into my next DIY project on my list - to paint some wooden hearts for the reception decorations. I have some hearts already made with holes in (kindly donated wood from a friend and cut out by future FIL so far – zero costs!) ready to prime, paint and hang! I’ve taken inspiration from lots of sites selling shabby chic decorations, similar to these also I’m on the look out for material to make some bunting too….

Monday, 29 March 2010

Pic's of things so far...

Right so here goes….pics of things so far!

After searching the net for what seemed like forever, I managed to find some corsages to make the bridesmaids wrist corsages and to add onto the flower girl baskets. I got a bargain for the pearl bracelets which I used to attach the corsages to - £1 from Primark! The corsages cost around £17 for 12 so worked out very cheap compared to how much wrist corsages can cost from florists. I purchased the FG baskets on line and have added the flower corsages, also filled the baskets with petals of the same flowers.

The ceremony and reception invites - I designed these online and purchased from and am in the process of making them still, helped along by my Mum, a bridesmaid and a few glasses of wine! For the ceremony invites, I stuck on some dried starfish to give it more of a ‘beach’ theme being a we’re getting married in Cyprus.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Welcome all like-minded brides-to-be on a budget...

...bursting with ideas one minute, lost for any the next – either way welcome to my blog...

Well first of all, I’ll introduce myself, I’m Emma and in the middle of arranging my wedding. I have found so much inspiration and great ideas from other brides to be that I thought I would start a blog to share mine – and what a good keepsake of all the hard work that is put into arranging a wedding! I must say I’ve changed my mind a million times on colour schemes, themes etc but the one that has finally found its place firmly in my heart as the theme to go for is romantic/shabby chic – I’m thinking a lovely romantic, vintage feel with lots of flowers, bunting, hearts etc etc – love it! And I can only thank lots of other brides to be and months of trawling the website to finally decide on what to go for!

As a bride on a budget, I’ve found that making things myself works out much cheaper and much more fun! We’re getting married in Northern Cyprus and having a reception here in the UK when we return so there has been lots to consider decoration wise.

I currently on the hunt for bits and pieces for decorating the venue for the reception in the UK, such as flower garlands, material for bunting, tea light holders and am about to make my own shabby wooden painted hearts – cannot wait to get stuck into that.

More to follow...!