Monday, 29 March 2010

Pic's of things so far...

Right so here goes….pics of things so far!

After searching the net for what seemed like forever, I managed to find some corsages to make the bridesmaids wrist corsages and to add onto the flower girl baskets. I got a bargain for the pearl bracelets which I used to attach the corsages to - £1 from Primark! The corsages cost around £17 for 12 so worked out very cheap compared to how much wrist corsages can cost from florists. I purchased the FG baskets on line and have added the flower corsages, also filled the baskets with petals of the same flowers.

The ceremony and reception invites - I designed these online and purchased from and am in the process of making them still, helped along by my Mum, a bridesmaid and a few glasses of wine! For the ceremony invites, I stuck on some dried starfish to give it more of a ‘beach’ theme being a we’re getting married in Cyprus.

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