Thursday, 13 May 2010

Get Creative...

After making the invitations, I’m now getting round to printing inserts (yes, delayed I know!!). I’

I’m still undecided on what sort of paper to go for – I’m currently decorating my wedding post box and am also going to decorate a guest book to match so I may try to think of a way of coordinating them all…then there’s the order of service booklets….hhmmmm the DIY list is endless!!

Scrapbooking Mad have some great wedding craft papers (as below) decoupages, backing paper etc and what’s even better is that they have free clipart and card making downloads.....something to think about for my thank you cards!!

If you’re thinking of designing and printing your own wedding stationary etc, there are lots of sites offering free wedding clipart and templates.

Here are a few that I found on Google images…

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  1. Blogs looking great!

    You should get yourself a twitter and facebook page going!

    I love your bunting by the way...and thanks for the link! x x x