Monday, 3 June 2013

Back after a long time away from blogging!

I hold my hands up to neglecting this blog! After having a baby, being back to work and generally being very busy, I've not had time to blog regularily but as I was one of 200 blogs to be contacted by to enter their competition 'Room for Improvement'  it has motivated me to get my backside into gear and get stuck into some creativity as well as giving my bathroom some much needed attention!
Ok, so this isnt strictly wedding related but its due me being contacted via this blog, that has got me thinking I need to start blogging again!

The mirror idea could be adapted for a wedding DIY project if you were wanting something a little different.

The wood panelling was painted with white gloss to help brighten the room and complement the light green walls. I found some off cuts of voile at 50p each to use for the windows. I then made some tiebacks by stitching glass beads to green ribbon.

My Father in Law cut out the letters ‘SOAK’ from some off cuts of wood, which I painted and decorated with some left over craft supplies. These were then stuck to the self-adhesive mirror tiles before sticking onto the wall.
To continue with the green and white theme, I purchased a green toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. I also replaced the beige shower curtain with a green and white shower curtain to help really freshen up the room.
My husband cleaned up the grouting with a dremel multi-tool to freshen up the look of the tiles.
I used some candle holders for the green candles, from another room to help make the finishing touches.

We purchased the following items to make the improvements:







Mirror tiles



Light pull


shower curtain


toothbrush holder


soap dispenser






loo roll holder




Green candles




We’re really pleased with our new fresh looking bathroom! The bright colours really help open up the room. It’s surprising how far £50 can go to really improve the look of a room!



We look forward to hearing from MoneySupermarket to find out how we have got on!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more (wedding related!) posts coming soon :-)

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