Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tips for keeping stationery costs down...

  • Reply postcards cost less than reply cards and will also cut back on postage fees
  • Select a less expensive paper stock than 100% cotton or linen rag if the longevity of the invitaiton is not a top priority

  • If the wedding ceremony and reception are to take place at the same venue, omit the reception card
  • Choose thermal lithography printing rather than engraving
  • Order supplies from warehouses or wholesale outlets rather than speciality paper boutiques or art stores - they are more likely to have discounts!

  • Only purchase inserts you feel are definately neccessary - if you dont think you need menus for your wedding, you dont have to include them
  • Order supplies well ahead of time in case of unforseen delays and because rush orders almost always cost significantly more 


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