Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wedding Decoration Budget Ideas

Sorry for the infrequent posts lately – I’ve been extremely busy arranging a charity masquerade ball. Hectic but lots of fun!

Anyway, as this has also been quite relevant to what I’ve been doing, here are some budget wedding decoration ideas:

DIY Ideas
Wedding stationery; invitations, save the date cards, place names, order of service booklets etc (let me know if you need any advice on these)
  • Bridesmaid wrist corsages – a cheaper alternative to a bouquet and easy to make yourself
  • Create a topiary using tissue paper and Styrofoam. You could then hang them from the ceiling or place on a small garden cane and secure in a plant pot. You can pick up a topiary from most craft stores or garden centres
  • Bunting to decorate the venue
  • Wedding post box and guest book (buy the blank versions and decorate yourself to match your colour/theme)
  • Wedding favours
  • The list is endless!! I made lots of things for my wedding so give me a shout if this is something you are considering doing

  •  Shop around for decorations. eBay and wedding forums are great for picking up bargains that have only been used once (that’s where most of mine came from!) such as mirror plates, table runners, chair backs, candles, tea lights etc. 9 times out of 10 they are in perfect condition as they have only been used at one wedding.
  • Consider making as much as you can yourself such as invitations, place names, favours etc – it can save you a bomb!
  • Ask about to see if any friends/family know of a photographer, cake maker, florist etc – you never know you might be able to get a discount!
  • Make a wedding budget spreadsheet and stick to it - keep it up to date with what you have spent and what is left to pay out. It’s very easy to go over budget with all the little bits that add up

 Ceremony Decor
  • It may be worth asking the venue if their florist does wedding flowers – it may work out cheaper to use their preferred florist
  • It's also worth asking whether any other couples are getting married in the venue on the same day as you. They may be prepared to split the cost of the floral arrangements
  • Secure and tie two long stem pink roses organza ribbon as a pew decoration
  • The front of the venue will be the main focal point so keep the main decorations here and just dot simple ones on the pew ends to keep costs down
  • Don't put flowers in any area of the venue that people won't be able to see when they're sat down 
Reception Decor 
  • Candles/tea lights are a cheap and easy way to create a soft, romantic ambience. Just check with your venue that they allow candles. If not, there are battery operated tea lights available which actually look quite effective!
  •  Shop around for prices on centrepieces etc – a florist may charge more for the hire of vases etc than what you can pick them up for second hand
  • Use the flowers from the church to double up as decorations for the venue
  • Ask the venue if they have vases that you can borrow
  • Purchase fairy lights in the January sales – look out for the soft white Christmas lights
  • Make the guest book part of the decorations by having it on a separate table that's decorated with framed pictures of you both. Coordinate the guest book with the theme or colours of the wedding and have it available at the ceremony and reception. This way more guests will see it and have the opportunity to sign it.


  1. Very helpful. But how do you create from scratch really beautiful and cheap winter decorations for the reception?

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