Friday, 10 December 2010

Unique DIY Favours

Whilst out Christmas shopping I found these lovely little boxes on the craft market – they each contained a penny, a marble, a heart, an eraser, thread, and an elastic band. They also had a little poem in:

Penny- to make sure you're never broke
Marbles - to replace the ones you may loose
Safety pin - to help remind you to be safe
Eraser - to make all those little mistakes disappear
Elastic - to help you stretch beyond your current limits
Thread - to remind you that friendship ties our hearts together
Heart – because you’re always loved

I bought a couple as stocking fillers but thought they would also make lovely wedding favours – obviously you could put in anything you like but a very cheap but personal and unique wedding favour! They came in a little brown box with an embellishment on top so they would be very easy to make yourself. The little brown boxes can be purchased for around 25p and embellishments don’t cost the earth either – usually around £1 for a pack of multiple embellishments.

Here’s some ideas for the boxes – just add embellishments/ribbon to match your colour scheme

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