Monday, 8 November 2010

Sweetie bar on a budget...

Sweetie bars are becoming more and more popular at weddings – they’re a great alternative to favours and a creative way to tie in your colour scheme/theme and they don’t always have to cost a bomb!

Here are a few ideas courtesy of Google images…

Why not get creative and make your own sweetie cones, lables and sweetie bar sign? I made our cones using card stock – simply rolled them into a cone shape and secured them with double-sided tape.

You could create your own designs for cones and labels and print onto card. I also bought some personalised stickers and stuck these onto some plain white paper bags and little paper saucepots. This gives more ways of tying in your colour scheme.

What about jars of retro sweets? Or create an old-fashioned sweetshop feel with old-fashioned jars and scoops. Sweets can be bought in bulk at your local cash and carry, Makro or eBay or look out for pound shop bargains and 3-for-2 offers etc.
The only problem is having the will power not to eat them all before the wedding…!

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