Thursday, 21 October 2010

Charity Wedding Favours

Charity wedding favours are a great idea....they dont cost a bomb and the money goes to a good cause.
If I were a guest at a wedding, I would be very pleased knowing that the money had gone to a charity and not cost the bride and groom lots of money. The suggested donation is £1.50

Cancer Research UK have a variety of pins. Wedding dress designer Jenny Packham created the exclusive cupcake pin badge for Cancer Research UK.

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  1. Hi – I work for American Institute for Cancer Research and I work with brides every day who want to do wedding favors that support cancer research. Here’s an article with quotes from some of our brides who’ve done this. I wish I had worked here when I got married – I’d have done this in honor of my Pawpaw and my husband’s grandfather, who both passed away before we met, and we missed a great deal at our wedding.