Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sweetie Bar!

Here's a trial run of our sweetie bar!!! This is kind of how it will look on the day, only we're going to get some big swirly lollipops and a couple more jars as I cant imagine the sweets will last that long! 

Compared to how much some sweetie bars can cost, we managed to keep costs down by getting the jars from the Poundshop, Poundstretcher, B&M Stores etc and sweets are from Makro.  The wooden sweetie dispenser was made by my Father in Law to be, which I decorated with fabric strips and hearts that coordinate with the candy cones (kindly made by my Mum!).  I bought some plain white paper bags from eBay and put a personlised sticker on half and heart ink stamped the other half.  I also put the stickers in some paper pots as another option for holding the sweets.

The wooden heart was made again by FIL to be and I decorated it to coordinate with the rest of the sweetie bar.

Excuse my garden background!!! Will upload some pics from the 'real' sweetie bar after the (second!) big day.....

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