Thursday, 15 July 2010

Personalise it!

As well as adding the personal touch by making lots of my wedding bits and bobs, we’ve also personalised little things here and there such as stickers for our favours, stickers for the sweetie pots (which I will add shortly). There are lots of lovely ways to personalise your wedding that luckily, don’t have to cost the earth!!

Here are some ideas:

1. Serviettes
2. Miniatures (great idea for the hen night!!!)
3. Balloons
4. Wedding chocolates….may have to have these for the sweetie bar!!!
5. Ribbon – lovely for decoration, favors etc
6. Heart bottle labels
7. Cake boxes
8. Charm bracelet with personalised pendent (would make a lovely bridesmaid gift)

There are of course, lots of DIY ways to personalise your wedding. Why not try…

•  Personalised bunting – bunting is very easy to make. Once you’ve made the bunting, make a template for a
   letter per flag, cut out some material to stick onto flags with fabric glue and hey presto!
•  As I mentioned before, printed stickers that can be used for all sorts such as sweetie bar, favours,   
    invitations, thank you cards etc etc
•  Children’s activity books (see previous post)
•  Banners – (see template post) lots of websites offer free downloadable templates
•  Personalised tags for favours, decorations etc

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